Fino Alla Fine….

It all changed in 1994

Welcome, well I decided to write my own Juventus blog, following the fortunes, good and bad, of the men in black and white. A little about me before I begin, I’m from the UK, 38 and have been following Juve since 1994 and the days of ‘Football Italia’ on Channel four. Their coverage, incidentally, was the reason I fell in love with Serie A and European football in general. Back then there wasn’t a lot of live TV coverage in the UK and Sky wasn’t widely owned. Watching the best players in the world ply their trade in front of some of the most passionate fans in the world really opened my eyes to world football, in every sense it was a game changer for me.

That goal…

As far as Juve are concerned I fell for them as a result of one goal; Alessandro Del Piero’s winner versus Fiorentina in late 1994 (here it is!) The game was marvellous, Juve coming from 2-0 down to level before ADP struck his wonder goal with 3 minutes left. From that moment on I didn’t even consider supporting anyone else. My level of supporting has had ups and downs; from checking out the results periodically to full blown obsession, however I have always remained committed to the Bianconceri. I have always had plenty to say on pretty much any subject so I thought what better way to share my opinions on Juve!? I hope you enjoy.

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